The Struggle to Break the Cycle of Poverty

26. December 2017 From the Field 2

On a recent trip to Guatemala, I was reminded of how universal the love of a parent can be. I was visiting Hope of Life, and the ministry took me to the village of El Remolino – a poor community adjacent to a large municipal dump. While touring the village, I met a woman who really touched my heart. Her name was Olga Garcia, and she had two children – Monica, 4, and Jordy, 2.


Olga said she brings in income by gathering recyclables at the nearby dump and by doing other people’s laundry. “I grew up around the dump, so I didn’t have the chance to go to school,” she said. “But I will make sure my children will have a better life than me. Like my daughter, Monica. She is so smart. She was chosen to be flag bearer at the school. She says, ‘Mom, I want to be a teacher.’ She says this at such a young age. I am so proud of her.”


I thought of my own children and of the sacrifices that all parents make. Then I reminded myself that it’s a billion times tougher for parents born into poverty. I thanked Olga for her time, and said a quick prayer on her behalf.

Olga Garcia prays that her children will have a better life that she has had.


Little Monica already is a high-achiever in school and shows great potential.